OWLGrEd Extensions

OWLGrEd has been built with an open, extendible architecture in mind. The programming environment is based on the Lua programming language and uses library lQuery for data model querying and transformation.

Several useful extensions are available for download from here. You can also develop your own extension for your needs. For detailed instructions, see ... .

Extensions are provided as zip files. After download, you expand the archive and put the obtained folder into the Plugins sub-folder of your project, then reopen the project.

Selected Extensions

Extension Description
(Version 0.10)
Historically the first extension, currently part of default OWLGrEd “package” (it should not be removed). Provides the basic mechanisms of both creation and run-time support for custom information fields and ontology presentation views.
(Version 0.5)
Supports transformations among ontology element visual presentation options (e.g. an object property presentation can be switched between the graphical and textual form); the transformations are added to the context menus of the ontology diagram elements to be transformed.
(Version 0.12)
A novel extension supporting assertions of a property applicability within a context of a given class. The property domain is then computed as the union of all classes for which the property is applicable.
(Version 0.1)
An extension supporting the annotation framework for automated generation of user interface for ontology-based information systems. Parts of it have been also refactored into separate extensions, including UML_Plus and DefaultOrder.
(Version 0.2)
Introduction of UML-style elements for modeling notation: a composition, an enumerated class, an abstract class and a derived property.
(Version 0.2)
Recording of attribute ordering information within a class node.
(Version 0.1)
An experimental framework for adding verbal forms to ontology entities to enable contextual verbalization of ontologies.

All Extensions

You can also download all extensions at once: all extensions